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ČlánkyNapsali o SpartakuDobový zahraniční tisk › Tekniikan Maailma 1956-driving a test S440

Dobový zahraniční tisk
Tekniikan Maailma 1956-driving a test S440
Posted by: petrikoo on Saturday March 21, 2009 (05:20:00)   (5849 Reads)

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Tekniikan Maailma 1956 #3-4; Finland
Tekniikan Maailma is the Finish periodical (Technica World). Skoda 440 was introduced in Finland very soon - in March 1956 as a successor of popular Skoda 1200. You can read the usual driving test of Standard model with very positive ranking. This magazine was sent to me and translated into English by pertiko so he is the author of this article. Thank you Petrikoo, Rancher

Tekniikan Maailma je finský časopis (Svět techniky). Škoda 440 byla ve finsku představena brzy v březnu1956 jako nástupce populárního Sedanu 1200. V tomto článku si můžete přečíst výsledky obvyklého testu na modelu Standard s velmi pozitivním hodnocením. Tento časopis mi poslal a do angličtiny přeložil kolega petrikoo a tím je i jeho autorem. Díky Petrikoo, Rancher.

do google češtiny...
Skoda 440 is quite a new model, because the first introduction was made in Brussells auto show last year.
Before that, there was a rumor within the motorist, that Skoda factory is planning a new model, but there were no details about the car.
Therefore it is obvious that Skoda 440 has fascinated, because it is completely different from the "1200" model, despite there are many common parts. Briefly speaking, the biggest differences are much powerful engine with higher compression ratio and the smaller chassis size.

The model typing code is derived from the engine: first figure 4 is number of cylinders and the 40 means horse powers at 4200 rpm. With higher rpm’s the engine produces up to 42,5 HP, so the power per liter ratio is pretty high - 39HP. The cylinder volume is 1089ccm and dimensions are 68x75mm.
When we learn the curve at the picture, we can see that rpm range is wide. When the torque curve is wide the engine can drive efficiently from low rpm’s.
Also good issue is the fuel consumption curve, even with high rpm’s the fuel consumption is small. It can be driven by high speed, without getting high fuel consumption.
The factory indicates the consumption as 7-l/100km that seems to be true value, when within our acceleration and speed tests was it up to 10-l/100km.
The gearbox has 4 gears and one reverse. 3 upper gears are synchronized. In the standard model there is "old good times" floor type gear stick - very convenient for handling. Because of the very wide rpm margins, the gears have wide using range, so for example the 2nd is usable at speed 0-65km, the 3rd gear at 15-80km/h and the 4th gear at 35-120km/h. The acceleration is good especially under 80 km/h , as proved in our measurements: 0
50km/h 5,5 sec,0—80km/h 015 sec and 0-100km/h 30 sec. Acceleration values are collapsing when reaching the speed 115km/h.
Power of the brakes is good, even the woman push of the pedal gives good brake performance. The brakes work also smoothly.
We see the driving quality of Skoda 440 even better than they were in “1200" model. Remarkable are the quick steering (2 and 2/3 rounds from edge to edge) and quite hard springs, that prevent car tilting, but when you are driving alone at bad roads there are some yawing. Visibility from inside the car is a well designed and the windscreen and the back window are of the same size and curved identically. From the drivers seat man can see both vertical and a sharp formulated mudguards that help with exact driving.
On the contrary, steering wheel extend so high that, in our opinion, it is harm to the visibility when driving on direct road - this is maybe only lack of practice. Also we object the accelerator pedal, it has too vertical position, causing right ankle to get tired, but the pedal can be easily adjusted. Staying for a while in little disadvantages, turn signal switch is located in bad place just under the steering wheel, compensated with clear knocking sound, and also the blinking of the light.
Gauge board is perfectly positioned on the steering wheel axle and our special thanks to the fuel gauge , it is big enough and clear to read .Other gauges are, temperature, speed and km-gauge added with warning lights of charge, oil pressure, high beam and turn indicator. All the little switches and regulators are located under the "car radio" place. Warming device with blower and nozzles is quite powerful and the warm air blown to the windscreen keeps it clear well.
The accelerator pedal is in line with steering axle, so the clutch and brake pedal are weirdly in the left. This gives an advantage, the clutch and brake pedal are so close together, that they can be pushed with one leg. Good thing when start driving in a slope, especially when the handbrake is broken.
Next to the interior, where our eye liked the outlook of wool material with artificial leather. Long lasting materials, but unfortunately they are sucking much of dust.
Sitting position is good and there are enough space inside. Getting in and out is easy because two doors are large and wide, but to close the doors from inside is difficult, the handle piece is too close the hinge.
Ventilation can be done nicely with little ventilation windows located on both side. Back side windows are not opening type. The sun visor is only at the drivers side. Under the back window is a nice place to store little things. There are no arm rests.
Our general opinion is that Skoda 440 is quite pleasant car for those who want a car with looking little bit a sportscar. Of course we can give some notices, the finishing is partially poor, but it is fully compensated by good driving quality, speedy acceleration, little fuel consumption and other advantages.
We believe that Skoda 440 can reach similar good sales as the bigger "l200"model had.






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