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Moje auto
Proč jsem si pořídil Aronde aneb Škoda 440 versus Simca Aronde A90
Posted by: burak on Thursday December 28, 2006 (17:30:46)
Na jaře 2004 mě oslovil můj filmový agent, že potřebují do seriálu komisař Maigret francouzské vozy +- rok 1960. Vzpomněl jsem si tedy na kamaráda TomSeka, který vlastnil Simcu Aronde Elysée 1963. Potíž byla, že auto stálo v Uherském Brodě. Na moji nabídku, že bych to filmování mohl odřídit, reagoval TS tím, že mi auto rovnou přivezl. Sice jsem již měl Simcu 1301, ale o Aronde jsem toho věděl málo. Byl jsem nabádán, abych to auto občas nastartoval, že zapadává benzín. No co vám mám povídat, jezdil jsem s ním denně 2 měsíce! A co horší, když se asi rok poté TomSek rozhodoval, jestli by Simcu neprodal, nešlo to jinak, bylo to silnější, než já.
Porovnám zde ovšem Simcu Aronde 1958 se Š440 1958. Tato Aronde se liší od mojí vzhledem a motorem.   more ...


Moje auto
Moje zimní jízda Spartakem
Posted by: PeS on Tuesday December 14, 2010 (23:32:00)
Tygří kožich v zimě zahřeje
Tak to ve mě nějak pořád hlodalo a hlodalo, až najednou... Když jsem jel domů z práce, dostal jsem nápad:-) Od doby, co jsem dorazil domů, sedim u počítače a píšu... Ani jsem ještě nevečeřel... prostě jsem to ze sebe musel vychrlit:-) Je to na jednu stranu, přiznávám, dost přibarvené, ale na druhou stranu to asi celkem vystihuje můj názor na zimní ježdění spartakem...   more ...


Moje auto
Vlastně zcela nový,ale krásný život
Posted by: octavian.skoda on Thursday August 12, 2010 (10:58:00)
Něco o mě, něco o Octavii, něco o minulosti, něco o přítomnosti, kde na budoucnost si budu muset počkat i já sám.   more ...


Moje auto
Ahoj from America!
Posted by: boplogic on Tuesday May 26, 2009 (16:05:56)
I am a new member of the web site and want to say hello to the group for the first time. I live in Rhode Island on the east coast of the USA and I am the new owner of a 1961 Felicia. There are very few of these cars on the road in the USA (perhaps 5 - 10 from what I can tell) and maybe a few more in various stages of rebuilding or restoration before being road-ready.

klikni pro Google překlad

  more ...


Moje auto
Easy transfer job -a story how almost all went wrong
Posted by: petrikoo on Tuesday February 24, 2009 (14:56:14)

It was about two weeks ago. I and my friend Mr.Kanerva decided to transfer our hobby cars. I had just found and bought Octavia Combi 1966 project and I needed to transfer this car to our farmer friend Pekka's cool but dry storage building. Mr. Kanervas Skoda 105s was stored in that place and he had the need to move his car to better warm garage in the center of our hometown Kuopio. What Kuopio where, you ask - well, it is here in Northern hemisphere, in cold and dark... in the state called Suomi, better known as Finland. In central Finland in the province called Savo.

So, we had two purposes for renting a trailer. The job must be easy, like piece of cake (...or glass of vine). It could be done quickly after daily work. I made a shorter workday and 14:00PM we began the transfer operation. First to the Combi, it was about 20km outside the town in a farm. To get the Combi on the trailer looked to be easy, but soon we saw that the pulling devices rope was too short, searching extension took time ...at that moment I realized the weather -20C temperature and too thin clothes and gloves. At last on the road! Everything OK on good mainroads, but worst was to come. Friens car was with slippery tyres that was the mother of problems. The car jammed in everyplace. Worst was one crossroads where we blocked the road and saw aroud us waiting drivers with quite angry faces. When we arrived to Pekkas farm first job was to pull out the 105s, but it was behind junky Ford Sierra ( spoiled by local teenagers ,driving rally on ice of lake Kallavesi). To move the Sierra we need help of a tractor, but this tractor did´nt start because of empty battery...Sierra moved away with manpower. Now way was clear for pushing 105s out of the building, but surprise, right back tyre was flat, searching for little compressor to fill the tyre...done...At last pushing it away, but... brakes were partially jammed ...pushed out by manpower. For me it was big disappointment when I realized after several attemps that it was impossible to get the Combi to this good storage (slippery slope in the front of the building) . We drove the trailer with Combi to my yard ( Combi is there outside under plastics-not good). Next step, get the 105s on the trailer but ...the belt of trailers pulling device went broken, searching for chain etc. About 20:00Pm 105s was transferred to that new warm garage. I was deep frozen and Combi was home outside in the snow, but I was the luckiest man of the couple - immedeatelly after this Mr. Kanerva had 5 hours driving to Helsinki. His job started in Helsinki early in next morning 8:30! I hoped he did´nt got asleep while driving. The job took more time and effort than we thought ever.   more ...



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